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Introducing the Zone Technique | DeRocher Chiropractic Norwalk, IA

Welcome to the Zone Technique!

Looking for a chiropractic healing method that aims to improve your overall health and well-being? Look no further than The Zone Technique! Developed by Dr. Thurman Fleet in 1931, this technique uses biomechanical and neurological input to enhance communication between the brain and the body's six zones. By identifying the specific zones that require healing, we can create a personalized treatment plan that will help you achieve optimal health. Try The Zone Technique today and start experiencing the benefits for yourself!

What is the Zone Technique?

The Zone Technique is a chiropractic healing method that was created in 1931 by Dr. Thurman Fleet. This technique is based on the belief that there are six zones of the body that need to be in balance to maintain optimal health. Each zone is regulated by a specific center of the brain and if any of these zones are disturbed, it can lead to a variety of diseases and discomforts. By identifying which zones are out of sync, we can use the Zone Technique to restore balance and remove interferences in the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, which promotes natural healing responses.


The Zones as they relate to your body and mind:

Zone 1 (Glandular System)

• Increase memory, energy, sleep, and relaxation

• Regulate immune system and hormonal system

• Thyroid, pineal, and pituitary gland care

• Appetite regulation

Zone 2 (Eliminative System)

• Strengthen lung, kidney, and bladder function Regulate colon & bowel movements

• Clear sinuses, nasal passages, and bronchial tubes

• ​Eliminate bloating and bodily toxins

Zone 3 (Nervous System)

• Improve mood

• Improve sleep

• ​Eliminate bloating and bodily toxins​

• Eye and ear health

• Balance the hormonal system

• Increase energy, remain calm and relaxed

Zone 4 (Digestive System)

• Normalize weight

• Salivary gland health / normalize sense of taste

• ​Sustain healthy liver, intestines, and gall bladder

• Digest foods that were previously agitating

• Boost energy

Zone 5 (Muscular System)

• Restore proper range of motion and movement

• Expedite muscle recovery and improve strength

• ​Improve suppleness and flexibility

• Restore center of gravity / eliminate dizziness

Zone 6 (Circulatory System)

• Heart health

• Normalize blood pressure

• ​Healthy blood vessels

• Proper circulation


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We are proud to be among the first clinics in Norwalk, IA to offer this revolutionary technique.

Take the First Step Towards Revolutionary Healing

Don't miss out on this cutting-edge treatment. Book an appointment today to experience the unparalleled benefits of Zone Technique at DeRocher Chiropractic.

Let's heal, naturally and effectively, with Zone Technique.

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